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Take a Deep Breath and Relax

I created A&M to provide the best waxing results possible for you. With my twelve-years of waxing experience, I constantly heard new clients looking for a clean, comfortable, no skin lifting, burning or in-grown hair experience. I use only the highest grade ingredients with no fillers or fakes, real beeswax or sugar (so you will never feel sticky), 100% organic biodegradable wax and sugar made in the U.S.A to provide the best possible hair removal result for you. Never get burned because it is a low temperature wax. You'll LOVE the superior hair removal result and get even those fine, fuzzy hairs. With my extensive training and techniques, you will immediately feel the difference in comfort  and see the smooth results.

You will notice how small our waxing/sugaring menu is, we specialize in intimate hair removal. We are beyond dedicated to cleanliness and preparation for each customer with uncompromising attention to hygienic detail beyond compare—I firmly believe in no double-dipping! After each appointment, my wax warmer and treatment room is sanitized and prepared for you!

Brazilian | $68

Bikini | $50

Lip | $11

Chin | $15

Under Arm | $25

Back | $68

Hair Removal: About The Spa
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