I am the brow specialist

The Art of eyebrows...

is what sets my beauty soul on fire! I have spent the past ten years refining my techniques and mastering them. I listen to what my clients want and I strategically create the brows they imagine for themselves. I work on all types of brows: full, thin, missing, light, dark, sparse, course, unruly, male or female. I work on everyone and I live to see your happiness when you take a look at your dream brows!

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Brow Services


Brow Henna


Brow Henna makes it possible to create flawless brows. It tints the skin for up to 9 weeks and the hair up to  4weeks.


Brow Loyalty

$27/15 min

For brows that have been done within 3 weeks. If you have your ideal shape and just need stray hairs removed with wax and brows trimmed. 


Brow Services


Brow Tint


Brow tint makes it possible to create fuller looking brows by coloring the hair hair you have! Tints the hair up to  3-4 weeks.


Brow Clean Up

$37/15 min

For brows that have been done within 8 weeks. If you have most of your shape and just need stray hairs removed with wax and brows trimmed. 


Eyebrow Design

30 min, $55

For eyebrows that need reshaping with wax and trimming because they are over-grown and it has been over 8 weeks since their last appointment.



60 min, $105

My signature and most recommended service for brows that wow! Hydrating collagen eye pads are placed under the eye to help with puffiness and dark circles. Eyebrows are cleaned up or reshaped with wax and a hair trim. This service includes a tint or henna to help brows look fuller and defined. For Clients who struggle with symmetry, brows are mapped and measure to achieve the most symmetrical brows possible.



2.5 hours each session/ $500 Total

A cosmetic treatment that uses a tiny hand held blade to create hair like strokes that mimics the demensions and diameter of real hair in the skin. A game changing service if you have little to no hair all over or in some spots and would like a natural looking brow shape that lasts 2 to 3 years.

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Machine Shading & Ombre Brow

2.5 Hours each session/ $500 Total

Machine Shading uses a Tattoo Machine to created a fuller eyebrow similar to how you would fill them in at home or how a brow tint looks (tinting is a great first step to get an idea of how a shaded or Ombre brow will look on you) but you wake up everyday for 2-3 years with these perfect brows!