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Based on my 10-years of experience touching faces and helping women (and men) look and feel beautiful,

I have discovered a few things:

  • You do not want to make a ton of decisions when you lay on the spa table.

  • You need a facial that works for your specific skin care concerns.

  • You want results.

Hydrafacial | $200/45 Minutes

If you are looking for a deep clean to remove the gunk in your pores (like excess oil, blackheads, and whiteheads), to smooth out rough skin texture and have your skin just radiating a healthy glow- this is for you! It is my favorite facial for acne prone skin and clients who feel like they just need a deep clean. I also love this facial for clients who feel like they have loss their glow and feel "old".  Nothing is going to perk your skin up to its best shape in a long time, like this facial. Come in and experience it for yourself, I know you will leave saying "Wow!"

Turn Back Time | $115/45 Min. | $147/60 Min. | New Clients $177/90 Min.

A facial that keeps your skin cells moving like they did in your 20's. Yes You heard this right! And guess what? It continues to work for a full 28-30 days! During this service we cleanse and exfoliate the skin to prepare it for its new energy! Topical solutions are placed on the skin to create micro-channels between the cells and to fill those channels with new energy (think coffee for the skin). With no discomfort or downtime! This service also includes a scalp, face, neck, arm and shoulder massage! You will relaxed with glowing and tighter look and feeling skin immediately and results continue to get better for about a month. New facial clients must book the new client service. We spend extra time together consulting and diving into your concerns so we can achieve the best results.

Acne | $115/45 Min. | $147/60 Min. | New Clients $177/90 Min.

A purifying, balancing treatment for blemished skin, acne and micro-cysts. This facial includes a deep pore cleaning, will make breakouts disappear and prevent future pimples.  The Acne Facial is designed, so you leave the appointment looking radiant not picked, swollen, and red.

(Hydrafacial (first facial listed) can be added into this facial during the extraction step for painless extractions and a deeper clean for $50)

Micro Channeling | $200/75 Minutes

The new and improved version of Micro needling. Channels are created in the skin by needles to create a healing effect. Growth Factors from Pro Athletes Bone Marrow are filled in these channels to promote recovery and improve wrinkles and acne scars. Clients are topically numbed prior.

All facials include a suggested am and pm home care regimen that is customized for your skin, to help you achieve a beautiful complexion.

Virtual Acne Facial I $80/45 Minutes

If I can't touch your beautiful face, then the next best thing is a virtual Personal Facial Training Session. Did I just hear you say, "I am ready, Coach!" Grab a beverage and cozy up while I advise you on your skin concerns, help you find the right products, discuss your current home care regimen and you will learn first hand from a licensed professional what to and not to do at home! The cost of the training can be used towards at home product care. A better complexion awaits....

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